Cristina_CabrejasCristina began training in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Spain at the age of 6; it has been her passion ever since. Cristina ranked as the top gymnast in theĀ Catalan Region, 2nd in the Spanish Nationals and trained with the Catalan and the Spanish National Teams. She was trained by well-known and highly regarded coaches including Nina Vitrichenco, Anna Baranova and Iratxe Aurricoetxea. She competed in international tournaments against Italy, Germany and France. Transitioning to Aesthetic Group Gymnastics in college, she had six 1st place finishes in the Nationals and was in seven World Championships finals with Team Inef Barcelona. While training with the Aesthetic Gymnastics Team, Cristina graduated in the Sports Science Degree and finished a Masters degreeĀ in Physical Education. She now loves to coach Rhythmic Gymnastics, a passion since 2008.

Cristina is a Safety and Instructor certified professional member of United States Gymnastics Association.