Dina Gorenshteyn (cont.)

Dina_Dancing_2-1Dina began Rhythmic Gymnastics at age four and competed until the age of 17 when she reached Level 9. She has competed in many competitions around the country as well as in Prague, Czech Republic. She began coaching at the age of 13 and judging at the age of 16. Following her high school graduation, Dina went to college at UC San Diego and joined the UC San Diego Dancesport team.

Dina’s experience in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics has continued to play a positive role in her life in these last four years at UCSD. She took the conditioning, flexibility and discipline that she gained from Rhythmic and applied it to a new sport, Latin Ballroom dancing. Although the two sports are very different, Dina’s background in rhythmic helped her excel quickly. In November of 2008, she travelled with her dance team to Ohio where they took home the formation team national title. She has also consistently placed top three in couples amateur competitions in the pre-novice/novice category.

While participating in ballroom dancing as well as coaching and judging Rhythmic Gymnastics, Dina has consistently maintained a straight A average in UCSD’s well regarded Economics Program. She believes that the discipline she gained in rhythmic, as well as the focused, efficient use of her academic study time that she developed in order to maintain her after school rhythmic training, have helped her to succeed and have given her an advantage compared to many of her college peers.