Parent Reviews

See what our gym parents and athletes have to say about their experiences at Emerald City!

Coach Sveta is a very dedicated coach and always puts the girls’ training as priority at her daily life. Being a long-time world class athlete and coaching at the Deriugina School in Ukraine, she helps the girls to achieve their goals and dreams. Sveta treats and coaches every girl equally if the girl is willing to work hard, and [she] has no “favorites.” She always sets a good example on training and daily life and performs her duties honestly. Not only does Sveta teach the girls rhythmic gymnastics skills, but also good life lessons to become a responsible and respectable young lady. She is strict, but reasonable to the girls, and she is especially not strict on the girls’ diet to prevent them from having health problems. We are very lucky to have Sveta as a high level coach here in San Diego.

– Megan’s mom

Even though Dasha is a young coach to be coaching top girls, she has already showed her passion for coaching. She is young, but a experienced USAG national athlete and eager to work with the girls. Her knowledge of Ukrainian training shows as well as coaching strategies from North Shore Rhythmics. She always helps the girls to have a positive attitude and a growth mindset in a resistant training enviroment. We can see the girls’ smiling faces when they are working with Dasha. With her enthusiasm, the girls are more than happy to improve their skills and to achieve more goals at EMC.

– Megan’s mom

Dasha is the best Olympic-level big-sister coach to Dorothy.

– Dorothy’s parent

Coach Ashley always gives me encouraging compliments!

– Emily

My daughter loves her coach, who trains her hard, but makes it fun!

– Wendy’s mom

Dasha is a great coach. She made my daughter’s team accomplished the routine which weem impossible to me at first. They did it!

– Laura’s parent

Dasha, you are the best!

– Laura

Coach Amanda has a great approach to coaching younger girls, 7 and 8 year olds. Our daughter enjoyed the practices and mastered a lot of skills with her.