The Wizard of Oz

wizardEmerald City Academy’s first performance was our rhythmic rendition of the Wizard of Oz.  It was held on June 6th, 2009 at the Coronado Recreational Center.  The girls practiced a total of three months for the show as part of their regular classes.  Every class had their own character from the Wizard of Oz that they portrayed through their rhythmic performance.  The coaches mostly choreographed the show, but the older gymnasts did get a chance to put their creative minds to work and choreograph their own pieces.

The day of the show there was an amazing turn out of family and friends, and the girls were very excited to show off what they had learned at their rhythmic classes.  The coaches and some parents helped prepare all the girls’ make-up and hair.  The costumes and sets were provided by Emerald City Academy.  There was a professional videographer and photographer to capture the girls having fun at what was for many their first performance ever.  Coach Kat performed along with the preschool group.  The older groups did a great job on their own.  Two of the coaches even did a duet to give the girls something to aspire to.  The audience was thrilled and all the girls enjoyed themselves.  After the show, everyone was invited to a bonfire at the beach to celebrate a job well done.