Flexibility and Conditioning for Dancers, Ice Skaters, Gymnasts and Cheerleaders!

Open to athletes in other sports who wish to significantly improve their flexibility, our intermediate and advanced flexibility classes provide key insights and

Dancers, Ice Skaters, Gymnasts and Cheerleaders – do you want your daughter to have that extra competitive edge?  Do you want her to enhance her flexibility and athleticism?  Would you like her to be able to display the elegance and flexibility of a rhythmic gymnast while on the beam or on the ice or in the air?

When watching rhythmic gymnasts leap in the air have you ever asked yourself how do they do that???

Did you know that many of the amazing things rhythmic gymnasts do in their routines such as leaps, balances and turns requires not just flexibility but strength! Lots and lots of strength, not just passively sitting in splits but also much in the way of active and dynamic flexibility including kicks as well as exercises to build inner core strength and so much more.

Emerald City is now offering dancers, ice skaters, artistic gymnasts and cheerleaders  the opportunity to tryout and be evaluated to join our amazing Rhythmic “National Championship Winners” Competitive Edge

Following an application submission, each girl will be tested and evaluated to determine which of our excellent levels of difficulty will provide her with the best match of her capabilities as well as challenge her to get to the next level.

These sessions range from 1 to 2 hours long depending on the level of going in capability and the goals of each girl.  Depending on the level, EMERALD CITY ACADEMY offers these session 6 days a week starting at 3 or 4PM on weekdays  and 1, 2 or 3PM on Sundays.

Call now to ask for an application and sign up for an evaluation.

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