We now have a single online student information form for the year. We must have an up-to-date EMC Student Information and Release Form on file for every student participating in a class or event at Emerald City  prior to entering the gym. To make things easier for parents with multiple children, you can fill out one form for up to 3 children.

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FREE TRIAL CLASS REGISTRATION – New to Emerald City?  A free trial is SOOO easy!

1) Fill out – EMC Student Information and Release Form 

2) Call or email  – info@emeraldcityrhythmics.com or (619) 537-8405

3) Come to the class



CLASS REGISTRATION – Already an Emerald City member?

1)  Fill out the EMC Student Information and Release Form 

2) Go to the Class Registration Page – click the register link

3) If you already have a Jackrabbit family account login/password – join the class.

4) If not, answer a couple of questions, add in payment information – you’re all set!



FOR PRIVATE LESSONS – Set up a Private Lesson?

1)  Fill out – EMC Student Information and Release Form 

2) Go to the Private Lesson Page

  • If you have AppointmentPlus login/password,  select coach, facility  and time

  • If you don’t – request one – less than one day for approval